Lysaght Angel, 2021, Jill Sampson

Lysaght Angel, 2021

Lysaght Angel
Reclaimed fence material, wire, corrugated iron
67cm x 91cm 10.5cm
Photo Jill Sampson

Lysaght Angel is named for the company that has supplied corrugated iron roofing to homes and buildings across Australia. Initially exporting from Britain in the 1880’s, until 1921 when Lysaght began to manufacture this roofing material in Australia.

It is a conundrum that this Angel has metal wings. It is also heavily weathered by the Australian environment. Wood, wire and corrugated iron; these materials are both protective and divisive and this angel will never fly.

Lysaght Angel was created during the most difficult period of my life. I had been in dangerous health circumstances that lead to many long months of arduous treatment. This angel came together using existing sculptural elements I had previously made and collected. It resolved into this form a month after I had received a stem cell transplant. Lysaght Angel cannot fly and it is entwined in wire, but for me it is a symbol of my return.