Clouds in the water, Boofy’s Dam, the farm, 2017

t Myeloma may also find its way into this writing blog.

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A cool control burn on the farm organised and orchestrated by my Father and participated in by my children, myself and my Husband. Three generations working together. July 2019, photo Jill Sampson.

Dress ups with Mabel, 1974.
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Hi, I’m Jill, a contemporary artist and I live in both Brisbane and on a farm, near the tiny town of Maidenwell, in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia. I will be writing about my artwork, the farm, living with cancer (Multiple Myeloma), wildlife and the environment.

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Floating nest on Boofy’s Dam

Floating Nest, Boofy’s Dam, Jan/Feb, 2022Australasian Grebe When I was home on the Farm earlier in the year I observed a floating Grebe nest on one of the farm dams. When I first saw it I thought it may be an old nest from which the chicks had already grown and left. However a week…