A room full of stories in winter colours (installation and performance detail), 2017, Jill Sampson

Jill Sampson

Bimblebox Art Project coordinator,
Curator of Bimblebox 153 Birds
Lives both in Brisbane and on her family’s farm near Maidenwell, Queensland, Australia.

My work encourages a re-examination of history and explores: environmental themes, both personal and collective histories, land use change and stories. I am an installation artist, sculptor and printmaker with a spatial practice. I often use objects and materials that provide a temporal connection through history, environment, people and place. Through further research I may uncover cultural, agricultural, historical or scientific information that informs my understanding and which I build into the artwork. 

Home for me is the little farm near the Bunya Mountains (Qld), on Kaiabara land. My art practice has roots in Art Povera, Environmental Art and Expressionism. Yet the strongest influence is always the land, light and life-lines of that place.

What I’m working on:

Currently I am developing a body of artwork about my experience of the blood cancer called Myeloma. I was diagnosed in November 2020 after a slow deterioration of my health and loss of mobility. The world covid 19 pandemic has, for me and my family, also been a cancer story. And while this story is ongoing, I am now well enough to make work that will consolidate the ideas I have had during the intense treatment periods. I have regained my mobility – essential to access my upstairs art studio. As I grow stronger I am also able to re-engage with exploring and working on the family farm.

This new work will bring together many different areas of my art practice. I am working with collected materials from my treatment, traditional art techniques as well as with materials and objects from nature. It is slow and thoughtful art-making as I continue to recover from the arduous cancer treatment. I look forward to bringing this work to fruition and sharing it with you.