Disintegration 2, 2018, Jill Sampson

Disintegration 2

Disintegration 2
found/discarded natural objects (bones, plant material, etc.), porcelain slip, photography
dimensions of the objects as a group, when fired: 270 x 270 x 68mm

Disintegration 2 is an experimental, process driven work that continues my exploration of the cycle of life, death, disintegration, life…

These fragile ceramic objects are embedded with the tracks, traces and imprint of what had once been part of a living system. The original objects have been almost completely burned away in the heat of the kiln fire. Yet they have left marks, traces and patterns of their original forms, imprinted into the porcelain. The resulting objects are extremely fragile, virtually ephemeral, as they continue to disintegrate. They have not been exhibited or included in an installation.

I spent some time photographing them on the kiln shelf that took them through the fire, before carefully removing and packing them safely to preserve as much of their form and the subtle tracery on the porcelain as I could.

Disintegration 2 is inspired by Dan Elborne’s body of work called Remains.

I wish to acknowledge and thank Dan who was both mentor and technician through this experimental work. Please check out Dan’s work here.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to have guidance and technical expertise from Dan once again as I worked with him to begin experimenting with a new body of related ceramic work.