A long way from home (No. 12), 2013, Jill Sampson

A Long Way from home, 2013

A very small selection of the photos from the series A Long way from home, 2013, Jill Sampson.

A Long way from home

Performative series, set in Rockhampton and Emu Park

This is a small selection of the series called A Long way from home. These three grass sculptures were made on the Bimblebox Nature Refuge using predominantly spear grass, and other native grasses. The sculptures appear to have become autonomous creatures. They have been made from materials deeply rooted in the ancient land of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, yet here they have been uprooted and taken on a journey into the human world of Rockhampton and Emu Park.  The photos show these three newly made, yet ancient entities curiously exploring a world beyond Bimblebox. 

At the edge of the ocean they contemplate the size of the world and how others from afar have the potential to destroy their home. Bimblebox Nature Refuge may be destroyed  in the pursuit of thermal coal that would be exported to places across the sea. The final image in this series is a road side dump site, where the nature of the human world is fully realised.

This series is yet to be completed and exhibited.